Township voters asked if they would secede from Cook County

ORLAND TOWNSHIP, Ill. (AP) — Voters in Orland Township will consider a referendum in November to leave Cook County and join adjacent Will County.

The Daily Southtown reports the referendum is an advisory question, which means the south suburban Chicago township will remain in Cook County no matter the result of the vote.

Township Supervisor Paul O’Grady says it’s an issue he’s heard about regularly from constituents. Specifically, he says, after Cook County raised sales taxes. O’Grady says residents “feel they are not getting their money’s worth.”

The township includes the municipalities of Orland Hills, Orland Park and Tinley Park.

State Sen. Michael Hastings, an Orland Hills Democrat, said secession has been discussed before and failed and he thinks it will fail again. He says those who are behind the idea “don’t have any real support.”