Keyesport man charged in county court with bomb making offenses now facing federal machine gun charge

EAST ST. LOUIS — A 25-year-old Keyesport man already charged with bringing a pipe bomb to a Carlyle business is now facing charges in federal court that claim he possessed a machine gun.

Kyle Matthews
(Source: CCSO)

Kyle Matthews was arrested and initially charged in April in Clinton County with two counts of possessing a bomb and one count of possessing a silencer-type device for a firearm.

Matthews has now been charged in federal court with illegal possession of a machine gun described as a a 9 mm Mark II Sten-type gun.

He also is charged in federal court with possessing an unregistered firearm silencer and possessing an unregistered short-barreled rifle described as an Anderson AM15 semiautomatic rifle.

Following Matthews’ arrest in April, the Clinton County Sheriff’s reported having received several reports of explosions near Matthews’ home in the weeks leading up to his arrest. A search of his home reportedly revealed bomb-making materials and components, along with firearms and ammunition.

Matthews remains in the Clinton County Jail. He will first be tried on the federal charges and then on the Clinton County charges.