Marion County begins vaccinating for COVID-19

MARION COUNTY — The Marion County Health Department has begun vaccinating individuals in Group Phase 1A. According to the State of Illinois’ Vaccination Plan (Version 4.0), Group Phase 1A consists of the following:

Healthcare workers (hospital and non-hospital), such as doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, respiratory techs, pharmacists, EMS (including fire departments staff acting as EMS), x-ray techs, phlebotomists, public health nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, morticians, home health nurses, school nurses, optometrist, dermatologists, dialysis staff, urgent care workers, COVID testing staff, physical/occupational/speech therapists, vaccine clinic workers, group home/residential staff, home aide/caregivers, hospice and palliative care staff.

The Marion County Health Department is using the Moderna vaccine. According to CDC, if you are on a daily aspirin regimen, prescribed blood thinner, or have a blood disorder then you must have a Doctor’s order to receive the Moderna vaccine.

If you belong in Group Phase 1A and would like to sign up for one of the Marion County Health Department COVID-19 vaccination clinics, please call the health department at 618/548-3878.