Chicago terrorism suspect found competent to stand trial

CHICAGO (AP) — A court-ordered report has found that a 21-year-old suburban Chicago man facing terrorism charges is competent to stand trial despite his talk of shadowy conspiracies.

The report’s conclusion was disclosed at a pretrial hearing Monday for Adel Daoud (dah-OOD’) in a Chicago federal court. He’s denied trying to ignite an inert bomb outside a Chicago bar in 2012 in an FBI sting.

Daoud told Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman in August that there’s a conspiracy against him involving Freemasons and Illuminati.

Defense attorney Thomas Durkin said at Monday’s hearing he may challenge the report’s finding. He told reporters later that Daoud’s conspiracy theories and other behavior raised questions about his mental health.

Coleman has set Jan. 5 as the trial date after repeated delays. She said Monday she won’t delay it again.