JEFFERSON COUNTY — The Jefferson County Board held a special meeting Monday evening to discuss the approval of repairs to sewer lines at the county courthouse.

Rodney Martin of Rend Lake Plumbing, who is currently working on the sewer system, was present to answer questions regarding continued repairs and life expectancy of the system, accordingly.

Previous discussion concluded the pipes had collapsed. After sending a camera through the lines, it was determined that there was erosion in places and deterioration of the pipe joints.

One option is to dig up and replace approximately 90-100 feet of pipe. That option would take 4-6 weeks, use a crew of 10-12, and cost up to $315k.

Option two is to repair any segments of corroded pipe and replace deteriorated joints. With completed work to date, the balance due for option two is under $20,000.

Jefferson County Sheriff Travis Allen expressed his concern with such costly repairs and made a motion to move forward with option two to repair and replace as needed.

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