CHICAGO (AP) — An attorney representing Illinois Lottery winners who haven’t been paid their winnings has asked a federal judge to prevent 38 other state lotteries from sending money to the agency.

Illinois Lottery Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Illinois Lottery)
Illinois Lottery Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Illinois Lottery)

The winners represented by attorney Thomas Zimmerman Jr. in a lawsuit haven’t been paid because of Illinois’ lack of a budget. Zimmerman filed a motion for a temporary restraining order late Tuesday asking the judge to bar the other lotteries and the association overseeing Mega Millions and Powerball from giving the Illinois Lottery the money owed to Illinois winners of those games.

Zimmerman asked that the money instead be held in an interest-bearing account. The Chicago Tribune reports a court hearing was scheduled Thursday.

Illinois Lottery ticket sales have plummeted since officials announced in mid-October it was delaying payments topping $600 because of the budget impasse.


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