Judge resentences Vandalia man to 30 years on meth charge

FAYETTE COUNTY — A 44-year-old Vandalia man whose conviction was partially overturned on appeal has been re-sentenced to 30 years in prison on a conviction of manufacturing methamphetamine.

Michael Fickes
(Source: IDOC)

Michael Fickes was arrested in January 2013 on charges including aggravated meth manufacturing within 1,000 feet of a place of worship.

Fickes appealed the conviction, alleging that the prosecution did not establish that the place of worship was a functioning church.

The appeals court agreed with the allegation, but did not set aside the conviction for meth manufacturing, only the aggravating factor of proximity to a church.

Judge Don Sheafor this week re-sentenced Fickes to 30 years in prison for meth manufacturing.

Still in place is a separate unlawful disposal of meth manufacturing waste that earned Fickes a 10-year sentence that will run concurrent with the meth manufacturing charge.