Southern Illinois prosecutor dismisses cases after raid of police department

BROOKLYN, Ill. (AP) — St. Clair County prosecutors have dismissed 21 criminal cases investigated by a village police force that was the target of a recent state raid.

State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly declined to discuss why he tossed out the Brooklyn Police Department arrests for drug possession, weapons violations and other offenses.

Illinois State Police and St. Clair sheriff’s deputies confiscated weapons, computers and documents in a March 25 raid. The village police chief resigned after Kelly questioned the role of a towing company that contracts with Brooklyn police and is owned by a relative of Dean Anderson, a since-fired village officer. Another officer, Christopher Heatherly, a former Wamac officer, was fired for taking a weapon from the police evidence room.

The Belleville News-Democrat reports that two other Brooklyn officers have since resigned, leaving only four officers on the payroll.


Kelly has sent a letter to Brooklyn Mayor Vera Glasper-Banks saying Brooklyn police felt pressured to tow vehicles to generate revenue, so they would be ensured of getting paid. The letter said the vehicles were being towed by Classic Auto Body, a Swansea business owned by Michael W. Anderson, the uncle of Dean Anderson, the former officer.