National Weather Service predicting cooler remainder of summer

Some places in Illinois are on their way to breaking rainfall records for June, other places already have.

Chris Miller of the National Weather Service in Lincoln says Springfield, for example, has seen rain 15 of 26 days in June – with little sunshine. Why is that?

Miller says southerly winds coming up from the Gulf seem to have us in a very humid air mass. He explains that at this time of the year, the jet stream that moves our weather systems moves to our north and we have this stubborn, persistent frontal boundary that keeps hanging over us.

Miller says Springfield won’t break records, but some areas in eastern and southern Illinois like Sullivan, Flora and Danville, have received a foot or more so far this month thanks in part to the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill.

There’s good news, though, as the weather pattern will change – Miller says July, August and September will be cooler and will see only average precipitation.