CENTRALIA — A Centralia home suffered significant damage late Saturday night after a grease fire the owner believed was out spread to a kitchen wall while the owner sought medical attention for burns she suffered in the initial fire.

Inez Calcutta had gone to SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment of burns she suffered in a grease fire at her home in the 900 block of East Howard.

Calcutta thought she had put out the fire before leaving for the hospital, but the fire had spread to a kitchen wall and grew.

According to fire officials, a neighbor spotted the fire while Calcutta was at the hospital and called 911.

By the time firefighters arrived on scene the fire had spread through the kitchen and an upstairs room.

Hearing about the fire, Calcutta left the hospital and returned home as firefighters fought the flames. They were able to contain the fire damage to the two rooms, but light smoke damage was reported throughout the home.

Calcutta subsequently returned to the hospital to continue treatment for the second degree burns she suffered to her arm in the initial fire.

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